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A leading Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) company dedicated to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions.


The First Step

Green Zenergy Pte Ltd was started in year 2014 with the aim of proposing customers valued products and solutions in Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation system.

2014 - 2018


We consistently execute our strategic plans, delivering our promises and providing our customers with the highest level of quality, efficiency and cost saving solutions together with our professional service to prolong the operational lifespan of customers' air conditioning unit.



We start to venture into Electrical and Fire Protection Services in order to provide customers with one stop M&E solution.

Why Us
Why Us

Building Blueprint

Qualified Expert

We have a team of experience and hands on experts ready to serve you.

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Critical Thinking

Problem Solver

We are good at diagnosing issues and give you the best cost effective solution.

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Competitive Pricing

Our price is competitive among our competitors so be rest assured!