The Night Bowling Struck a Chord at Green Zenergy Pte Ltd's Annual Communication Night

18 Jul 2023
Culture Team
Team Building

As a devoted member of the Green Zenergy Pte Ltd family, I can't resist but spin a whimsical tale about our recent annual Communication Night. Now, before you begin to groan, let me assure you, this isn't a stuffy retelling of corporate speeches and handshakes. No, dear reader, it's about the night we brought down the Siglap Superbowl bowling alley!

It was a night devoid of email ping sounds, monotonous meeting rooms, and instead laden with disco lights, a sumptuous meal, and... bowling balls? Yes, folks, our annual Communication Night turned out to be an uproarious foray into the world of bowling.

The evening started with an address from our beloved MD, Mr Keane, known for his long (forgive me, boss) and motivational speech. His address was a blend of company past financial year accomplishments and future aspirations.

Green Zenergy Pte Ltd Annual Communication Night

With the speech concluded, a new sensation tantalized our senses. The aroma of an impressive buffet dinner wafted through the air, enticing everyone towards the dining hall. Laden with an array of delicious food, the buffet was a sight to behold. We all shared a common feeling of being kids let loose in a candy store!

Finally, with our appetites satiated and spirits high, it was time for the cherry on top - the bowling competition. The atmosphere was electric, as everyone from workers to department heads lined up to show off their bowling prowess (or lack thereof). The bowling alley morphed into a battleground, echoing with roars of laughter, cheers of triumph, and groans of defeat.

There was something beautiful about seeing our fearless leaders pleading for bowling tips from interns, or our quietest colleagues surprising everyone with their powerful strikes. The usual office dynamics were turned upside down as we revelled in this thrilling competition, a perfect blend of rivalry and camaraderie.

Green Zenergy Pte Ltd Bowling Night

Green Zenergy Pte Ltd Bowling Night

Green Zenergy Pte Ltd Bowling Night

Amidst laughter, cheers, a little bit of ribbing, and a whole lot of gutter balls, we rediscovered our colleagues beyond their email signatures. We saw our superiors not as stern decision-makers but as humans with a hilarious lack of coordination. The team leaders, who usually commanded with utmost authority, were reduced to amusingly competitive bowlers, fiercely negotiating for another turn.

And there we were, the mighty Green Zenergy Pte Ltd, howling with. It was a night to remember, a night where we were not co-workers, but just a group of people sharing laughs, having fun, and perhaps nurturing a few too many sore fingers from ill-advised bowling techniques.

![Green Zenergy Pte Ltd Bowling Night](/news/2023 green zenergy bowling-1920w.webp)

In conclusion, the Annual Communication Night was an absolute strike (pun intended). It reminded us that while we're a force to be reckoned with in the construction sector, we're also a company made up of humans who can take a break, laugh at ourselves, and celebrate the people behind the achievements. So, here's to Green Zenergy!